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buy canada goose jacket Cirrhosis sometimes, though rarely, occurs because of an inherited liver disorder. In Wilson’s disease, for example, a genetic deficiency inhibits the body’s ability to metabolize copper. As a result, excessive amounts of the metal accumulate in various body organs, particularly the liver, where it destroys tissue. buy canada goose jacket

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In China, as in many other places, home cured meats ranging from preserved pork belly to wind dried pork sausages are usually made in winter, when the climactic conditions allow meat to dry safely, and are considered a festive food. (Humans aren’t the only ones with a taste for cured meat, however; home curers should beware the cheese skipper, larder beetle, and red legged ham beetle, warns a Virginia Tech pamphlet on curing ham. These whimsically named insects will lodge themselves and their growing families in a drying piece of …