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[27 Aug 2013 | Keine Kommentare | 172 views]

Teachout and New York City Councilman Jumaane Williams, who is in a tight race with Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul, had along with Nixon come together to form a de facto progressive ticket, one that now extended into the handful of state Senate races where grass roots powered primary challengers a mostly young, diverse group seeking to oust entrenched incumbents are pledging to unlock the seemingly impenetrable maneuvering that steers Albany, the state corruption plagued capital.

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[26 Aug 2013 | Keine Kommentare | 192 views]

Taylor Swift: thanks. Yeah, I really appreciate it. Like, the heads up is like, so nice. If that is the case, congratulate yourself and perhaps take it a little easier the next day, but only that one day. The third day you will have to go right back out there and push yourself. Remember that your muscles will be trained to do what you make them do and that your typical workout will establish the limits of endurance, muscles and strength..

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[26 Aug 2013 | Keine Kommentare | 173 views]

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[26 Aug 2013 | Keine Kommentare | 202 views]

Where were you on Saturday nights during the witching hour in the 1970s? Well, there is a good chance, like a lot of Virginians, you were watching your local horror host. This summer, Horse Archer Productions is brushing back the cobwebs as we film the new documentary, Creepers: The Horror Host Tradition of the Old Dominion. We will be charting more than 40 years of Virginia television history by talking with hosts (former and current) as well as fans to create this just in time for Halloween.

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[24 Aug 2013 | Keine Kommentare | 269 views]

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canada goose deals The race now turns to the remaining six contests where the focus will be squarely on the economy. Voters in our states and across the country are voting on issues that affect them, their communities and their children’s future. We believe that they will decide that Hillary is the candidate who best understands those issues and has the best solutions to address them.. canada goose deals

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[24 Aug 2013 | Keine Kommentare | 207 views]

May, BART attorneys argued to get Stapp case, along with other similar civil suits, dismissed.According to court documents, the transit agency argued, and its employees owe no duty to prevent third party criminal conduct. The argument went on to explain, in general, is well established that public entities generally are not liable for failing to protect individuals against crime. Attorney, Paul Justi, however, is blaming BART, in part, for not catching fare evaders, some of whom he believes then go on to commit more violent crimes.

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[24 Aug 2013 | Keine Kommentare | 227 views]

Matt Holliday is a seven time All Star, has played in 73 postseason games and has been to the World Series three times. He won a ring with the Cardinals in 2011. In 2007, he was runner up for National League MVP, when he led the Rockies through Rocktober and into their only Fall Classic appearance..

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[21 Aug 2013 | Keine Kommentare | 204 views]

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